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Control the temperature of your home year round and save energy with Krumpers Climate Control Solar Blinds™

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Solar Shade technology keeps heat out during summer and in during winter. Reduce your carbon footprint and save over 40% on your yearly heating and cooling.

Identifying energy inefficiency is essential if you want to save on heating and cooling costs, with windows being the weakest part of the building envelope, due to heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter.

Krumpers Solar Blinds utilize laboratory tested climate control technology. They offer excellent protection from the sun, heat and cold allowing you to keep the heat in winter and out in the summer whilst being as transparent as your sunglasses.

Our Solar Blinds are proudly made in Canada and are designed specifically for the unique Canadian climate.

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This is just a quick message to let you know that the solar blinds passed the recent heat wave with flying colours… All in all I’d say this is a complete success.

- Rocky

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  1. Laboratory TestedKrumpers Solar blinds are certified by independent laboratory tests.
  2. Eligible for LEED PointsDetails are available upon request.
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  5. Energy EfficientKrumpers Solar blinds are certified by independent laboratory tests.
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Featured in Family Living Magazine

Dec 18, 2013

family livng magazineKrumpers is proud to announce our product feature in Family Living Magazine. The Family Finds section lists our Solar Blinds as a unique way to regulate your home’s temperature year round.

See feature here.

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