Lab Tests

See the results of solar shades that adopt to seasons keeping the heat out during summer and in during winter.

Infa-Red imagery illustrates insulating power of Climate Control Solar Blinds™

The thermal imaging photographs below were taken in Maine while the temperature was 13 F (-10.5 C).

The Outside of the windows

Temperature on outside of window: 16.3 to 18.7 F

Temperature on inside of window: 64-67 F

Temperature on inside of window: 64.4 F

When the outside window glass temperatures were 16.3 to 18.7 degrees, the temperature on the Insulator was 64.4 degrees  which is less than 3 degrees less warm than a R22 wall!

Independant Laboratory Tests

Below you can download details of independant laboratory tests conducted on Climate Control Solar Blinds™.

Binder 2 PDF – 6.23Mb

Binder 3 PDF – 5.71Mb

Lab Report PDF – 1.46Mb

SCanada Testing Report PDF – 471Kb

South Africa Inflector Test PDF – 473Kb

SCE-IDEEA Response PDF – 30Kb

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