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These days it is easy to spot Diana Livshits, President of Krumpers Solar Blinds  in downtown Ottawa, hurrying to another installation project. For this local company, the future is so bright – she must install shades. Over the past 15 years, news of Krumpers Solar Blinds has been circulating everywhere in the press. The Ottawa Home Show was a buzz with an all-Canadian local company’s ability to significantly reduce heat transfer, save money through climate control solar technology while providing a clear unobstructed view.

Krumpers Solar Blinds Inc. manufactures and distributes Climate Control Solar Blinds™ which helps save on utility consumption, all year long by utilizing a dual modular design.  Windows are the weakest element in any building structure and as such they significantly contribute to a structure’s fluctuating temperature.


Solar Blinds

Based on independent lab results, Krumpers Solar Blinds have been illustrated to reduce cooling and heating costs by up to 40 per cent.


Krumpers Solar Blinds provide a cost-effective way to manage room temperature and boast a reduction in heating and cooling utilities by up to 40 percent (based on lab results). Krumpers Solar Blinds contain a layer of reflective aluminum, a layer of graphite that is sandwiched together, perforated with an angular design and then coated with a layer of non toxic (encapsulated) PVC. These transparent blinds allow visibility on both winter and summer sides. The dual modular design is solar reflective on one side and solar absorptive on the other side.

With an equivalent R-10* rating, they provide a passive form of temperature control that aggressively reduces the costs of heating and cooling a building. The blinds reflect solar heat gain allowing the internal temperature to remain constant. The reflective side of the blinds
can be turned inward to take advantage of their absorptive quality, making it possible to capture heat from the sun in winter. Both sides provide 92% of UV protection.

Mr. Reese Adeney of Ottawa remarks:  “We saw Krumpers at the Ottawa Home Show and being scientists, we immediately saw their value. These blinds are able to deflect heat rays or absorb them depending on which way they are facing. They save on a/c and heating costs – about ten degrees in heating or cooling depending on blinds orientation. I really noticed it in winter, there was warmth, actual warmth, radiating from the window area (as opposed to cold). Angled aluminum allows heat rays through the blinds in winter or reflects heat in summer when the blinds are turned around. Diana Livshits is honest, upfront and open. She is very nice to work with. There were no issues with service delivery. We regularly recommend Krumpers Blinds to our friends and neighbors – who now also have Krumpers Solar Blinds.”

Krumpers Solar Blinds allow homeowners to maintain their view to the outdoors and keep their house cool all summer long.


Skylights and trapezoid windows are a major source of frustration for homeowners. Although lovely and pleasant is the light streaming through the glass, the heat gain and heat loss is uncomfortable as well as expensive. Krumpers has just the solution, the uniquely engineered skylight blinds are manufactured to accommodate various types and styles of skylights.

The cost of heating and cooling has risen significantly, in addition the implementation of Hydro’s time of use and the actual rate increase, has propelled Krumpers Blinds to the forefront of products that can actually help lower these costs.

Krumpers Blinds are priced at $50.00 per square foot installed for standard windows and have proven track record of reducing your utility bills.

Krumpers Blinds are the clear answer you have been looking for.

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