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Which are the Best Blinds for a Condo?

Many condominium buildings have enormous (even floor-to-ceiling) windows. From an architectural standpoint, it provides the building’s façade with a streamlined appearance – particularly if no balconies protrude from the sides. Large windows are regarded as a positive in terms of homeowner appeal, since they provide a wide view which is enhanced if the structure is built in a beautiful setting.


However, determining the best method to cover them when you want privacy or light control with such big windows, may be difficult. But here is some useful advice on how to select window blinds for condos:

Motorized Blinds

Whichever type of window treatments you choose, be sure they are motorized. Huge condo windows need large window coverings, which may be difficult to handle manually daily. When you can open and shut your blinds with the touch of a button, it will make your life much simpler.

Solar Blinds

Solar blinds are an ideal option for your condo because of the amazing views. You have complete seclusion while still being able to view out your windows. Solar blinds offer the additional advantage of filtering the sunlight that passes through them. Because condominiums are infamous for accumulating solar heat, this is a significant method to conserve energy using window coverings.

Roller Blinds

While solar blinds are excellent if you don’t need a lot of light control, roller blinds excel at providing this precision. Roller blinds provide an entire range of choices, from total openness to extreme darkness. If you buy ones with highly reflective backings, they may also assist you in decreasing sun heat in the condo.

Cellular Blinds

When you prioritize year-round energy savings over window view, cellular blinds are the way to go. These blinds have a honeycomb-like structure with pockets of air in the center.

You essentially gain an additional layer of insulation directly at your windows with a tailored tight fit to your frames. Because your windows are such an important component of your condo, the additional insulation will help you maintain a pleasant room temperature in both hot and cold weather.

Different Types of Blinds and Their Features

There’s an essential reason why so many distinct kinds of window blinds are available: each design provides a different level of light control and usefulness. 

1. Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal blinds are sometimes referred to as Venetian blinds. They’re composed of horizontal slats that are suspended from a headrail by a rope. The headrail is a metal box that sits on top of the blinds, and it contains the mechanisms that allow the blinds to open and shut. Wood and fake wood Venetians are often sold with a beautiful valance that matches the slats and covers the headrail.

Horizontal blinds have two cords: one for tilting and one for raising. With the tilt cord, you can slant the slats to allow light in or direct it up or down. You may also adjust the horizontal slats to any position. The slats draw up toward the top of the window as you lift them.

Bonus: Horizontal blinds provide the greatest light control of any blind and come in a variety of designs, colours and slat lengths.

2. Roller Blinds

Roller blinds, also known as roller shades, are composed of a single cloth panel that rolls down from a top bar. They also include a weighted bottom bar to keep the blind from blowing about when closed.

Because these blinds are constructed of fabric, they come in a variety of colours and quirky patterns. Roller blinds are available in blackout fabric, light-filtering voile fabric, and two-layer day-and-night fabric.

Bonus: You may choose from blackout or light-filtering materials, plus many roller blinds wash clean, making them simple to maintain.

3. Roman Blinds

Roman blinds, often known as Roman shades, are among the most opulent window treatments. They’re composed of colourful cloth with horizontal stiffener rods stitched into the back in a variety of locations. When the blinds are opened, the stiffener rods enable them to fold neatly up toward the top of the window. When these blinds are closed, they lie flat as one smooth piece of cloth.

This beautiful window covering comes in a range of materials, ranging from fake silk to a rustic weave. Beautiful colours and designer patterns are also available. There are a variety of fabric linings available, including light-filtering, blackout and thermal linings. In the winter, a thermal lining may improve the energy efficiency of your windows and lower your utility cost.

Bonus: Although these blinds may occasionally seem costly, they may really save you money in the long-term if you choose a thermal lining. They’re also infinitely customizable since they’re available in a number of materials, colours, patterns and linings.

4. Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect fit blinds are offered in a variety of blind styles. The one thing they all have in common is that they connect directly to your window or door rather than the window frame; they are also flush with the glass. Even when you open or shut your window or door, these blinds stay level on the glass from top to bottom – no hanging or banging. Perfect fit blinds are thus a popular option for patio doors or windows that tilt open.

Bonus: Perfect fit blinds will not slam against your patio doors when you open and shut them, and they will not dangle from windows that tilt to open. They are available in a variety of blind styles and various lining and light control choices.

5. Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds, as opposed to horizontal slats, are constructed of vertical vanes. To hold the vanes in place, they are weighted and connected together at the bottom. They hang on a headrail and slide open to the left or right of the window, as opposed to the other kinds of blinds on this list that open from the bottom to the top.

Vertical blinds, like horizontal blinds, enable you to angle the vanes and direct the light about your space. Instead of directing light upwards or downwards, these blinds will direct light to the left or right side of the room.

Bonus: With a blackout lining, this window covering offers excellent light control, allowing you to move light about your room while still enjoying complete darkness. It’s also the finest choice for big windows up to 400cm wide.

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