Whether it’s winter or summer,  Krumpers Solar Blinds can help you save energy!  Krumpers Solar Blinds feature smart-tech, cutting-edge technology (the unique 2-sided design (summer/winter, one simply turns the blinds around) that helps you control the temperature of your home year-round and maximize the energy efficiency of your space. You’ll save money on your energy bill and contribute to climate protection!

Krumpers Solar blinds are specially designed to provide both an isolating effect in the cold winter months and a heat-reflecting effect in the summer. This reduces your need for heating and cooling systems, lowering energy costs while also reducing your space’s carbon footprint.

These blinds have been extensively tested by several laboratories and the results illustrate a reduction in heating and cooling cost by up to 41 per cent.

Animated image demonstrating how Krumpers solar blinds generate heat during winter

Krumpers Solar Blinds in Winter

Krumpers Solar Blinds in Summer



We have tested KRUMPERS SOLAR  BLINDS to demonstrate the function of these energy efficient blinds , an uncovered and a glass vase covered with KRUMPERS SOLAR BLINDS were placed in a box with ice cubes.

After 1 hour , the temperature of one measuring point in both vases was measured using a thermometer.

The result is impressive: 

A temperature of 4.1°C was measured in the uncovered vase. The measuring point in the covered vase had a temperature of 20.1°C.

KRUMPERS SOALR BLINDS caused a significant temperature difference of 17°C .

Krumpers solar blinds can achieve similar insulating properties for your window by reducing heat loss and saving you up to 41% on your energy bill.

Krumpers Solar Blinds are demonstrating their thermal efficiency in winter.

The Smart-Tech, cutting edge, Krumpers Solar Blinds are a brilliant option in window covering. The unique 2-sided design (summer/winter, one simply turns the blinds around) will allow for a clear, unobstructed view while the summer side will reflect 72% of the heat from coming into your home as well as 98% UV protection.

When turned to the winter position, Krumpers Solar Blinds will once again allow for a clear view while actually generating heat in direct light (2096 BTU’s an hour) but moreover will insulate the window with an R10 Krumpers Solar Blinds helps set the tone for a bright, comfortable and beautiful surrounding that are your home.

Krumpers offers a large selection of solar blinds for every type and shape of your window—trapezoid, odd-shaped, angled, bay, skylights and more.

Increase Comfort- Reduce Heat/Cold – Safe Energy.


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