Skylight Blinds from Krumpers Solar Solutions

Choosing Skylight Blinds to Reduce Heat and Sunlight

A roof window or skylight is an eye-catching element in a room. It provides spectacular views and is required for ventilation in rooms that would otherwise be totally blocked in, such as lofts. However, they can provide a challenge in terms of how to clothe them to minimize the amount of sunshine and heat they allow in (and noise). Skylight blinds remedy this. The blinds also reduce energy expenses, and they enable less air conditioning and fans to cool a room. There are those that darken a room and absorb heat in the fabric, and those that filter light to keep UV rays at bay.


There are a variety of sunscreens for common windows, but finding the appropriate size and style for roof windows may be a challenge. They’re hung in a different manner than conventional window sun shields, and side rails or tension keep them in place.

Easy Opening

Sunshades for upright windows are installed on the outside of the window frame. These windows are open to the outdoors and do not interfere with the sun shades. Skylights, on the other hand, often have hinges in the middle. Sun shields must thus be placed such that they are on the inner side of the sash, if they are to open easily.

Different Shades

Roof window blinds come in a variety of styles. Blackout blinds are the most common kind. They are well-liked for their capacity to fully block out all sunlight, as well as a lot of heat and noise. They are typically manufactured to order, they’re adjustable, and they come as a cartridge with aluminum side rails. Those with plastic rails will become loose and fade as a result of the sun’s heat (these should be avoided).

Pleated Blinds

Another alternative is to make pleated fabric screens that are attached to a piece of rope or twine. “Pleated blinds” are what they’re usually called. The fabric is insufficient as a buffer, however, and they are not widely used. Roller blinds are less expensive and more efficient, making them more popular. They are simply constructed around a loaded container, and the tension in it holds them in place at the window. 

Venetian Blinds

Venetians are another option. These are strung along the length of the string, allowing them to be opened and closed. Those with metal planks are preferable to those with plastic planks that cannot withstand the sun. Some include a pole on edge to change the slats, but these are unsightly.


Awnings are another common type of skylight blind. They prevent the light from even reaching the window and deflect rain. They are often constructed of black netting that absorbs almost all of the sunshine and heat. They darken a room, keep it cool, and keep UV rays out which can harm your furniture.


Skylight blinds are not mass-produced in the same way that conventional window blinds are. Exterior blinds are available in a variety of hues, with dark shades being a popular choice.

Why Choose Krumpers Solar Blinds?

Our Canadian-made solar blinds are custom-made for the varying climates of the country. In both the summer and winter, we have some of the world’s worst climates. These drastic changes in our climate may make it difficult to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Sunrooms, for example, provide a spectacular view of your backyard, but since they have three walls of windows, they may be very chilly in the winter, making the space uninviting for half the year. Once again, the intense heat of summer renders a west-facing sunroom impractical to use due to the heat.

Skylights may be a wonderful addition to your house, bringing light and a view into your living space. Instead of increased heat and an unpleasant glare, they can do the opposite. Krumpers Solar Blinds are the ideal option for letting sunshine into your house while still keeping it cool. When homeowners use our skylight blinds for a period of time, they no longer even realize that they are there. You can use Krumpers Solar Blinds for bay windows and sliding glass doors as well as sunrooms and skylights. 

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