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Solar Shades

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What Are Solar Shades?

Solar shades and have superior sun and light-filtering capabilities. If your windows get an excessive amount of sunshine, solar blinds may be the perfect answer. Solar shades are a great window treatment choice for sun-exposed areas. Apart from blocking light, solar shades also decrease glare, protect against dangerous UV rays, and help prevent fading on carpets, furniture, and other home surfaces caused by the sun.

What are Solar Shades Made Of?

Solar shades are constructed from a coated material that is finely and densely woven to offer covering from light and heat. Typically, this material is composed of vinyl, although there are many alternatives. If you want to examine various kinds of solar shade materials before making a choice, you may obtain free solar shade samples to choose the perfect fit for your house.

Understanding Solar Shade Percentages

When it comes to window coverings, you will find that certain solar shades come in various percentages. These percentages indicate the openness factor (the amount of UV and light filtered through the shades). A lower percentage value implies a higher opacity of the solar shadow.


For instance, if you want a substantial quantity of light and UV protection, you should select a solar shade with a 1-3% openness. Solar blinds with a 5% tint are an excellent option for modest light control and protection. If, however, you wish to let more light in, you may select solar blinds with a maximum openness of 10%.

Do Solar Shades Provide Privacy?

Solar shades provide modest daytime seclusion and may effectively block visitors from seeing inside your house. Among all the solar shade choices, 1% shades may provide the greatest privacy because of their tight weave. If, on the other hand, you prioritize privacy over light control, you may be better off with a more protective alternative such as roller shades. Additionally, you may combine solar shades and draperies to offer light filtering during the day along with extra seclusion at night.

Do Solar Shades Block Heat?

Additionally, solar shades aid in heat reduction by reducing glare and filtering out light. As with the amount of light allowed inside, the amount of heat protection provided by solar blinds is similarly dependent on the openness of the weave (the solar shade percentage). Additionally, the colour of the cloth can affect the shades’ ability to block heat and light. Because lighter textiles reflect more light than darker fabrics, select darker fabrics if you wish to block out more light and heat.

Are Solar Shades See-Through?

Solar blinds may be see-through and the degree of visibility through them varies, according to the openness percentage of the cloth. The lower the proportion, the less visible they are and the less light they allow.


Are you able to see through solar shades at night as well? Yes. If you have a light on the inside and close to the shades, people on the outside may be able to see inside your home through the solar shade. You will be able to look outside to the same extent as you can see inside during the day. Therefore, if total privacy is a top priority for you, we suggest using a light-filtering or blackout roller shade.

Do Solar Shades Keep the Cold Out?

Solar shades may assist in reducing heat buildup in a window, but they do not block out cold. They mitigate heat gain by reducing the amount of sunlight that enters a room, thus making your windows more energy efficient. This heat decrease may assist you in saving money on your energy bills during the hot summer months.


However, the gaps in the woven fabric prevent the shade from providing enough insulation against the cold.

Do Solar Shades Stop Furniture From Fading?

UV radiation may bleach textiles over time by destroying the chemical connections in their colours. Additionally, they can make fabrics fragile and shatter. Solar shades may help prevent fading on your furnishings by decreasing the level of UV rays entering your home through your window. Consider them to be a kind of SPF for your furnishings!

How Do You Clean Solar Shades?

Solar shades are among the most easy-to-clean window coverings. Dust them gently with the brush attachment on your vacuum hose. To remove filth and grime, use a soft cloth and diluted mild dish soap. Submerge the solar shades in water to avoid damaging the mechanisms, which can void the warranty.

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