While the design of some energy efficient products is often brash and brazen, the team at Krumpers Solar Blinds has been able to elevate the humble blind beyond the boundaries of a classical window covering. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and the beautiful esthetic of Mother Nature, the Krumpers team has created a positive synergy of elegance, comfort and energy efficiency.

“A team approach ensures that we deliver an exceptional product beyond expectations, but moreover an experience of delight,” says Krumpers owner Diana Livshits.

Picture of Krumpers Solar blinds in winter

Winter Wonderland Viewed Through Krumpers Solar Blinds

Your Perfect View and Your Perfect Light

Krumpers Solar Blinds, an award-winning Canadian innovation, redefine window treatment with their smart-tech design. These blinds fulfill the essential purpose of windows: to showcase beautiful views and let in light, while also insulating for energy efficiency and temperature control.

Unique for their reversible summer/winter design , Krumpers Solar Blinds, manufactured in Ottawa for over 15 years, offer a simple solution — just turn the blinds around to adjust for the season. These innovative blinds have earned both local and national awards while Krumpers’ exceptional performance, esthetic and customer service, have been highly rated by customers year after year. Krumpers Solar Blinds have been lab tested and illustrate a reduction in heating and cooling costs by up to 41 per cent.

Animated image demonstrating how Krumpers solar blinds generate heat during winter

Krumpers in Action: Winter Heat Generation

So, enhance your breakfast, meetings, or dinners with breathtaking views and unparalleled energy efficiency with Krumpers Solar Blinds.

Spending more time at home means more time to enjoy your beautiful outdoor views. Krumpers Solar Blinds are crafted with specialized technical materials that diffuse light and provide 98 per cent UV protection for your furnishings, all without obstructing your spectacular surroundings.

A view of a bright, sunny day outside, as seen through Krumpers solar blinds

A bright and sunny day seen through Krumpers solar blinds, perfectly balancing natural light and indoor temperature control.

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