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“We have odd-shaped windows, so we need odd-shaped window blinds.”

It’s difficult to clothe windows with unusual shapes. Window arches and window top circles are often seen. These windows are an excellent choice for the made-to-measure concept. Because the windows are measured before the curtains and blinds are created, made-to-measure curtains are an ideal fit.

Shopping for curtains and blinds can be a trial and error process for anyone. We take measurements. We make a list of all the numbers. We go to the shop with our paper, pencil and measuring tape, and go through the entire selection of blinds and curtains available. We go out and purchase the curtains we like and bring them home. We install them and discover that they are too long for the window we intend to use. We discover that the blinds are excessively thin and don’t properly suit the window. So what do we do now? We return the merchandise and begin the process all over again.

It is difficult to find curtains that you truly like on the internet. Because Krumpers Solar Solutions’ made-to-measure drapes and Roman blinds are trimmed to suit, you can discover the ideal fit. Measurement and form queries, along with style and colour questions, are all part of the online ordering process. For quick and convenient online curtain buying, you have a broad range of colours and designs to choose from. As a result, finding them is easy.

How do you install blinds on an angled window?

Side mount brackets are required when installing window blinds on angled top windows. Attach the brackets to the window frame’s sides. Both brackets need to be at the same height. On the shorter side, the bracket should be installed just where the angle begins.

Do they make blinds for triangular windows?

Pleated blinds or Venetian blinds, which operate similarly to shaped gable window blinds, may be used for triangle windows. Wooden shutters, which hinge open or detach with simple latches to give access to the window, can also be built to a variety of forms.

Odd-shaped window blinds

Let’s be honest. Finding the right window blinds for your odd-shaped windows can seem like a challenge. But that’s where Krumpers Solar Solutions can help.

The following are the many sorts of windows of which you should be aware. Once you’re familiar with them, you’ll be able to get the perfect window blind the next time you’re looking for treatments.

Arched window blind

This odd-shaped window style is well-known for its half-moon-shaped window. They’re particularly popular in attics, where the window allows air to circulate to help ventilate the heat from the roof. When purchasing an arched blind, be sure you measure the diameter of the rounded section of the window alone.

Eyebrow arch window blind

This is somewhat different from the arched variant, and it also has the appearance of a human brow. What method do you use to measure it? The rounded portion, as well as the vertically straight edges, should be measured.

Hexagon and octagon

Hexagons and octagons have six and eight sides, respectively. These polygonal blinds are becoming more difficult to come by. However, if you come across one in a shop (which is unlikely given the design’s rarity), take measurements on all the sides. If it’s a hexagon blind, take measurements from all six sides. Measure all eight sides of the octagon blind in the same way.

Circular and oval

The form of circular blinds is exactly round; however, the shape of oval blinds is not. The latter is in the form of an egg. This time, you’ll need to measure the window’s circumference. This may be accomplished by utilizing a lengthy string, and the length of the string may then be measured later using a ruler.


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