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Easily control sunlight in your home

No matter how much we enjoy warm, comfortable weather, controlling the quantity of sunlight in our houses is critical. Heat reflecting blinds are specialized window blinds designed to accomplish exactly this. But have you ever thought about other advantages of solar reflective material? For example, how can they assist in extending the life of your couch, or making you more productive at work? Continue reading to find out more.

How heat reflecting blinds work

Window blinds do more than merely enhance the appearance of a place; they are also functional and intended to help you make the most of your available space. Solar reflecting window blinds are made from a specialized material to assist you in this endeavour. The backing layer features an iridescent finish that was produced using sophisticated and cutting-edge technology. This layer reflects the sun’s rays and sends heat back out as they enter the window. While some light may still flow through, it is far less than what would flow through without them.

Why are they important to your home?

Reduce solar heat gainWhy are they important to your home

On hot days, you may be tempted to open your shades and a window to cool off a room. While a gentle wind may lower the inside temperature marginally, you are most certainly letting heat from the sun enter. This is referred to as “solar gain” — short-wave radiation that may enter your house via a window and cause excessive heat. Solar heat gain radiation may actually flow through the walls of your structure too, although it is most prevalent when it passes through transparent glass.


Solar gain is what causes you to feel a blanket of heat when you come into a room. It’s one of the reasons we’ve grown so dependent on fans (and other cooling equipment) to circulate cool air throughout a space. Keeping window blinds closed during the warmest parts of the day is one of the most efficient strategies to reduce that “heat box” sensation. Solar reflective window blinds go even farther. They not only keep the light from entering, but they also actively reflect it back out.

Reduce fading

Our carpets, couches, and other soft furniture fade easily. This is because UV rays break down chemical connections. If we allow a lot of light into our houses, you’ll see a noticeable change in the fabric of these objects you’ve spent so much money on. Window blinds assist in reducing this phenomenon, and solar reflective blinds go a step further. Because of their reflecting nature, they may minimize the chance of fading by more than 50% while significantly increasing the longevity of your furniture. Those in our selection may block up to 90% of UV radiation from entering your house.

Reduce glare

Have you ever sat down at your computer and discovered that the screen was difficult to discern due to the sun? Or maybe you sat down to watch your favourite show but were not able to really appreciate it. Glare occurs when too much light enters your eye and hinders it from properly managing vision. Reflective objects, such as TVs and computer displays, are prone to excessive glare (especially when the sun is shining directly on them). Solar reflecting blinds act as a shield against the sun’s rays, preventing glare up to 80% of the time. 


The advantages of solar reflective window blinds in the summer are obvious, but they are also useful in the winter. When a roller blind is drawn down, it creates a pocket of air between the fabric and the window. This barrier keeps the hot air inside from contacting the cold glass. You’ll be in a better position to maintain a steady temperature in your room and avoid heat loss. This not only keeps your home warmer, but it also has an effect on your household expenditures. You’ll need to use less central heating to maintain a pleasant atmosphere, lowering prices on chilly days.

Solar reflecting window blinds are truly appropriate for every room in your house. They are constructed using modern technologies to appear precisely like regular designs. With our selection at Krumpers Solar Blinds, they may be made-to-measure and come with complete installation instructions. Reduce glare, preserve delicate furniture, and keep your house warm throughout the year.

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