We couldn’t be more honoured


“I just wanted to send you a note to express our satisfaction and delight with both the performance and aesthetics of Krumpers Solar Blinds.We knew we wanted Krumpers Solar Blinds for our “Innovations Building” at CRC building 94 as only the latest technology was being utilized in its retrofit and since Krumpers Blinds have been validated for energy efficiency via extensive laboratory testing we thought that the installation in the Innovation facility would be a great on site validation. As well we wanted to ensure that the view through the windows would not be comprised as the lovely natural surroundings enhance both the well-being of its occupants and their productivity.

The second floor of the facility’s perimeter is encompassed by glass windows facing south thus a great deal of heat (even with Energy Star windows) was coming into the space making it not only uncomfortable but more over a drain on the air-conditioning system.It was quite something to see the installation of the blinds and the immediate change in temperature occurring. As the blinds were put up, the area became cooler; one could just walk the perimeter and feel the temperature difference between the areas of where the blinds had already been installed, in contrast to the areas still left to be outfitted. Although as mentioned we were aware of the lab results it is quite something to feel the difference for ourselves. Thus, I can say that energy saving are quantifiable but comfort goes beyond the numbers.

Service is another area where I would like to applaud Krumpers. One of the blinds did not seem to hang quite right. Not only was my concern addressed and resolved but was done so in real time.

We are very pleased with the performance and service of Krumpers Solar Blinds and will not only be utilizing them in other facilities but moreover recommending them.”

Deborah Robillard, Manager, Real Estate and Property

”We contracted Diana and Yuri on the recommendation of a friend as the southwest windows in our home service were creating a lot of heat in the summer. We ordered several screens for the most problematic areas and noticed an immediate difference after they were installed. Recently, we have ordered several more screens. Both the product and the customer service is amazing. Thank you Diana and Yuri. This year our house actually maintained a comfortable temperature during the summer months and our A/C was not constantly running.”


“I love the solar blinds installed on my skylights. Krumpers provided excellent service. Installation was punctual. The blinds are effective and attractive, and very easy to clean and use. I would recommend Krumpers without hesitation and will use them again.”


“We had blinds (windows and skylight) installed a year ago. We can say that these blinds have improved the comfort level of our home in winter and summer. The service has been top notch.”


“Krumpers installed solar blinds on a large window at the end of the living room which had been unusable because of cold in winter and heat in summer. Now I can sit and enjoy anywhere in the living room any time I want. I also save on heating and cooling bills. The installation service was fantastic. I love them and highly recommend them.”


“We ordered solar blinds for a very sunny south-facing window. What a difference—the product really blocks the bothersome heat! The Krumpers team is very professional and polite, a pleasure to deal with. We are pleased to recommend them.”

​Christ the Savior Orthodox Church

“Since the installation of our Krumpers Solar Blinds we now have the use of our great room on a full time basis. The big windows turned the room into a furnace in the spring/summer/fall but now it is easy to control the temperature and appreciate the awesome view of the lake. In the winter the blinds heap with the heat loss so it is a win-win situation. Highly recommended! Thank you Diana and Yuri.”

​Barry Wilson

“I saw Krumpers’ product at one of the Ottawa Home Shows and was impressed. They came to the house, measured and installed all to their commit times. I am totally happy with the quality and the benefit to our utility costs. I will be using them again.”

​Karen Boyd

“Diana, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart! The blinds arrived, I installed them, and THEY WORK. I am so delighted! The heat in my grandson’s room immediately diminished. I think this product literally could save the world! It requires no energy to operate, it lowers ac and heating usage and cost, and it WORKS! I am a satisfied customer, and I will be telling everyone I know and broadcasting about it on my podcast. Thank you VERY much.”

Barbara Edelman