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Window Dressing Tips for Trapezoid Windows

Modern houses with sloping roofs benefit from trapezoid windows, which are attractive architectural features. “Angle-bottom” and “Angle-top” windows are other names for them. They are constructed near a slanted ceiling that follows the slope above a standard rectangular window. While they let plenty of light and air in, their uneven form makes selecting an appropriate window treatment challenging.

This article discusses the most suitable window coverings for trapezoid windows so they maintain their attractiveness, while still providing functional coverage.

Vertical Blinds

For trapezoid windows, these blinds are often a good solution. The louvres’ slant may be changed to meet your needs for light and seclusion. The trick is to get a vertical blind that suits the dimensions of your window and has slanted tracks at the top. To obtain an identical match, you may need to buy custom-made vertical blinds. The primary benefit of using these blinds is that you have complete control over the tilt.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are often custom-made to suit any kind of window, making them an excellent option for windows with unusual shapes. The louvres are completely functional and may be adjusted to meet your needs for light and privacy. If they’re constructed of wood, you may paint them to match your home’s decor. Furthermore, plantation shutters complement trapezoid windows, boosting their elegance and providing an ideal appearance for a rural house.

Wood Blinds

Wood Blinds

Wood’s warm tone has an amazing attraction to the eyes, making it a timeless option for any window style. The wood blinds may be partly lifted or not at all, depending on the angle of the window. They may also be rotated to let ample light in. Only the louvres covering the rectangular half of the window are usually moveable, while the angled top is usually fixed. Choosing a ready-made wood blind is tricky; thus, purchasing custom-made designs is your best option.

Cellular Shades

Cellular blinds are popular; however, when fitted on a trapezoid window, they are static. If you don’t mind a permanent window covering for the top slanted portion of such windows, this is a lovely option. They may be elevated to the top of the trapezoid window’s rectangular part. They come in various colours and may easily be mixed and matched with other elements of your home’s decor. Another benefit of this window treatment is that it does not need a traced window template in order to locate the perfect match.

Woven Wood Shades

For a trapezoid window, the top slanted area of woven wood blinds will be static. The key reason for using braided wood is because it has a gentle and understated appearance that goes well with trapezoid windows. Furthermore, these window shades come in various colours, making it easy to choose the perfect accent for your house.

Trapezoid windows need custom-made window coverings due to their distinctive designs. Krumpers Solar Solutions can accommodate all of your window treatment requirements. Make an appointment with us by calling (613) 864-4921 or visit us online at