A good home is much more than walls and a roof. It should be a reflection of who you are — comfortable, relaxed, and full of things that matter to you. Your lifestyle should dictate how your home should look (and function!). The growing popularity of energy-efficient solar blinds have made it possible for home and business owners to transform their rooms into havens of warmth, comfort and privacy – maximizing natural light to energize the home and mood.

If you’re considering solar blinds for your home or want to know what makes them so special and how they work, then you are already in the right place. In this blog , we will discuss ways in which these blinds can benefit your home and how they work to reduce energy consumption.

1.Block The Sun Heat, But Not The View!

Solar blinds, which come in a range of openness factors, are the best at letting natural light into your home while also reducing glare and heat from the sun.

Natural lighting is wonderful for illuminating rooms, bringing out the true beauty of furniture and décor in a way that artificial lighting can’t match. Filling rooms with natural light also helps improve your overall mood and sense of well-being. The benefits of sunlight exposure during winter’s short and gloomy days cannot be overstated.

Krumpers solar blinds, for instance, let in just enough light to stay productive while enjoying a clear view and more daylight hours throughout the year.

Light filtering through Krumpers Solar Blinds

Krumpers Solar Blinds: where sunlight softly graces the indoors

2. Keep Your Home Cooler In The Summer

The sun’s rays are a major contributor to heat build-up inside your home—especially if you live in an area that gets extremely hot during the summer months. The sun’s rays can warm up the air inside your home and make it feel hotter than it actually is outside, even if the temperature is not too high. This can make you feel more uncomfortable in your home, which makes using solar blinds even more important!

Krumpers  outperform curtains and traditional blinds or shades because its highly reflective properties and distinctively one-of-a-kind angular perforation. Most of the sun’s rays are reflected back out of the window before they can convert into heat energy. So they work to keep your home’s temperature cool during the hot summer months.

3.Keep Your Home Warmer In The Winter

Solar blinds can help keep your home warmer in the winter. They work by preventing heat from escaping through the windows, so that your home will remain warm even when it’s cold outside. Solar blinds improve energy efficiency in your home by providing extra insulation for your windows while also saving you on annual energy costs.

They help control the temperature inside your home, making it comfortable to live in throughout the year. Living and dining rooms, nurseries, lobbies, sun rooms and offices are ideal places to use solar blinds.

Krumpers Solar blinds insulate your windows

Experience the warmth: Krumpers Solar Blinds insulate your windows to prevent heat loss during winter

4. Block 92 % Harmful UV Rays

Solar blinds are an excellent window treatment option for rooms that are exposed to the sun. Besides reducing glare, they guard against harmful UV rays, which are healthy for the whole family while preventing fading of your furniture, carpets, and flooring.

Light Filtering Krumpers Solar Blinds

Let the sunshine in safely with Krumpers solar blinds — your shield against UV rays.

5. Protect Interior Furniture, Paintings and Carpets From Fadedness and Discoloration.

Solar blinds help you keep your furniture, floors, and artwork looking their best. By filtering out UV light and the resulting fading and discoloration, they can prevent damage caused by sun exposure.


Solar blinds are a great choice for people who value comfort and want to be able to control the temperature in their homes and save money on energy bills. They require no maintenance, and can be custom-made to fit any size or shape of your window. They complement the décor of any room!

Award Winning Krumpers Solar Blinds are available in a variety of custom-made styles that address both standard windows and architecturally challenging windows such as trapezoids, odd-shaped, bay windows or skylights. They have a unique two-sided design that makes it easy to change the season of your room with a simple flip.

These blinds have been extensively tested by several laboratories and the results illustrate a reduction in heating and cooling cost by up to 41 per cent.

If you would like to learn more about solar blinds or how they can benefit your home, please give us a call. We would love to provide an accurate estimate and come to your home for a free, no-obligation consultation. With nearly a decade of experience and numerous successfully completed projects, we are more than ready to take on your project.

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